In the booking confirmation document that you receive from us, you will also find information about charter base address and home port marina where you are supposed to check in, as well as the declared time of the check in. If you plan to arrive earlier, let us know. Many charter bases have in their offer, a fast check in service option with additional charge. With prior notice, we can also arrange with the charter base to deliver you boat to another location (one way charter). 

  • as soon as you arrive to the marina, your skipper (or representative of the crew) should register your arrival by coming into charter base office. In the office, you will get information about an approximate check-in time and you will be provided with all the additional information about your charter.
  • the check-in of the boat is performed by the skipper + 1 crew member and someone from the base personnel. They will inspect the boat from keel to mast and check to ensure that all equipment is in place and functioning properly. At check-in, you will also receive instructions on important fuses and operation of the specific model, and will be given instructions about the use of toilet, septic tank and LPG.


If you will have some unclear issues, please ask additional questions while if you detect any malfunctions – just call the base representative! Once you sign the takeover, note down any damage so you don’t have to explain it at check out. At check-out you will go through the boat again, and if any damage occurred or you lost any equipment, you will pay for it from your deposit.