If you look closer to individual price lists for each boat in our offer, you will notice a clearly stated deposit amount for selected boat.

Each boat that we have presented is part of offer of our fully trusted charter bases partners and it carries its own insurance. Safety deposit, which you are obligated to leave in the charter base before the check in procedure is a part that insurance of the boat does not cover. This amount is used to cover the costs of e.g. lost dinghy, broken window, travel lift operations… If the damage coverage cost is smaller than the safety deposit amount (e.g. lost fender cost is approximately 200,00 HRK), charter base will unblock your card deposit reservation and charge just amount of real cost (e.g. fender 200,00 HRK).

All damages should be reported immediately on the charter base support number that you will be given during the check in procedure. In case that bigger damage occurs, maximum amount that you will be charged is amount of deposit written in your booking confirmation and in the price list.

Some of the charter bases have also recognized non-refundable deposit – damage loss/waiver. For those who would like to do the non-refundable deposit while taking bareboat, we can check if such option exists for the selected boat.