Great sailing and vacations in general start way before your actual arrival to the destination. Plan your grocery shopping before you set off keeping on your mind that boats are equipped with a fully functioning kitchen. Also, in all of suggested starting charter bases in Croatia, you will find a store so you can stock up yourself once you arrive.

While your skipper or another crew representative does the check in on the boat, the rest of you can do shopping and provisioning. With a good plan, it will be lot of fun while shopping in local store will give you opportunity to try some local food. Croatian grocery stores are very well stocked with great offer of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

“Good food is very often, even most often, simple food.”
                                                         —Anthony Bourdain

As an alternative, almost all charter bases offer provisioning services. You just have to order provisioning beforehand, fill in the provisioning list, order the items you need and they will be delivered to your boat. If you have decided to have a hostess on board, she will do the planning and shopping in consultation with you.

Anyway, be sure that you have enough water on board and let us know if you need provisioning list, we will send it to you and organize delivery to the boat.