You have found the boat that you like. What are you supposed to do now?

Step 1

Check your preferred charter period with your party or family and send us inquiry. Usual charter rhythm takes place from Saturday till Saturday, but in low season or as last minute option, even other arrangements are possible (e.g. 10-days charter, weekend or short period charter).

Step 2

EnvelopeFor all preferred periods out of standard Saturday / Saturday rhythm, write us your wishes and we will offer you best options. If you are interested, we can even offer you our SAIL & STAY program, combination of boat charter and excellent vacation rentals.

Step 3

If you have any special requirements or you wish to book also something from our additional offer and services (e.g. professional skipper, cook, railing net, …) please send us a short notice.

Step 4

checkAfter receiving your request, our booking agents will check availability of chosen boat in the selected period and get back to you with proper offer, including available discounts, present campaigns and selected additional services. By the offer, you will be clearly and transparently informed about the price, what does the price includes and what is subject of selected additional services, as well as all additional charges that you may expect. If the offer sounds interesting for you, let us know and we will put selected boat under option that  will be valid for couple of days until you make your final decision.


*Duration of option depends about the season. If you are booking a boat in first minute we can keep your option on sometimes even longer than 7 days, while with last minute bookings, options can be valid for e.g. 24 hours. When you make your final decision, we will send you booking contract for signature and invoice for booking confirmation payment.

You have chosen the perfect boat for your holiday, received our confirmation about availability for preferred dates and selected additional services that you may need. What now?

When we send you information about availability of selected boat, we will also send you booking contract for signature and invoice for first advance payment. Exact amount of booking confirmation (first advance) payment depends about the selected boat’s charter base operating policy and it’s usually between 30% and 50% of total charter price (depending also about how much time there is until the start of the charter period).

Information about payment amounts and dates, required documents and licences, deposit, check in & check out time, as well as cancellation terms will be clearly and transparently written in booking contract. Standard charter payment policy is that balance payment (second and final advance payment) has to be done 5 weeks before the start of the charter period.

After we receive your first advance payment, booking contract becomes valid and we will deliver you also booking confirmation document. For now, payments can be done only via bank transfer.

Send us an inquiry and check out how it works!