Couple of days prior to your charter period start, we will send you a blank crew list info sheet that you should fill up with your crew individual information (name & family name, date of birth, passport number,…). This information serves to charter base to be able to prepare all necessary documents, including official crew list, before your arrival and submitting this info in advance will make your check in to the boat much faster and easier.

All boats listed for commercial purposes, charter in Croatia, are equipped with sufficient safety equipment (life jackets and harnesses) as well as first aid kits. If you are having kids on board, please notice us in advance about their age / weight, so we will be able to inform the charter base to prepare adequate safety equipment for them as well.

For those of you with less experience with life on board we have prepared easy-to-follow instructions for packing that will solve all your dilemmas. We recommend you to pack in soft bags since it is much easier to stow it away in some locker.

Documents – valid passport, driver’s and sailing license, personal insurance policies, European health insurance cards (if you have them), booking confirmation

Basic essentials – toiletries bag with essentials, any necessary specific medication that you use, anti-seasickness medication, insect repellent, extra sunscreen and lip balm, a good pair of polarized sunglasses and a hat to shield your face

Clothes – swimsuit, light colour clothing that is loose and comfortable, light shirt with long sleeves, while you should also toss in a long-sleeved sweatshirt and waterproof jacket because the wind can get a little chilly when you are soaring across the water or taking an evening cruise

Shoes – non-slip shoes for onboard the boat and water shoes for anchoring out and exploring small islands. As beautiful as they may be, many of those isolated areas can have rocky and shell-strewn surroundings

Gadgets – bring along your Go Pros and waterproof cameras and binoculars to capture the fun of the day and let the nature lovers check out marine animals. Sharing on Facebook and Instagram is half the fun! Take your tunes with you and be sure to pick out the perfect boating playlist ahead of time

Did we forget something? Let us know in your feedback about your perfect Croatian sailing holidays while for the end we have left an excellent advice from our dear client for all vacationing sailors: Pack your bags she says. Put them on the floor and look at them. Then unpack half of what you packed. Don’t pack anything valuable. You can purchase T-shirts, shorts and bathing suits along the way. Bring half as many clothes as you think you’ll need and the twice as much money. You’ll have a wonderful time… and no wheelie suitcases!

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