What level of sailing experience and which licences you need to rent a boat on your own?

Croatian legal regulations require that you have a valid sailing permit applicable to the selected size and type of boat, VHF licence and passport. If you are not quite sure if your license is adequate for bareboat chartering in Croatia considering the boat that you have selected, its good idea to check this information on time. Proper information are available on Croatian Government’s web page www.mppi.hr where you have to look for Nautic section and refreshed list of Recognised certificates for operating boats and yachts

In the case that your current sailing license is not recognized in Croatia, give us a call or send us a message. We can give you information about date, time and cost for taking exam for the license that you need in one of Harbourmaster’s offices along Croatian shore.

Beside legal requirements, we strongly advise you to take in consideration fact that if you decide to do a bareboat charter in Croatia, as skipper you will be fully responsible not just for possible damages caused to the chartered boat and third parties, but, far more serious, you will be responsible for people that you have on board with you.

As we all know and have to accept that the sea and the natural forces are far more powerful than us, it is good to objectively assess its own maritime skills. If you are not quite confident in your knowledge and skills, it is really not a problem. We cooperate with best professional Croatian skippers and can book a skipper for you. We are sure that you will have great time together under their safe and confidence guidance with possibility of acquiring new knowledge, skills and maybe even friendships.

Adriatic Sea with all its beauties is the home of our professional skippers and they will be able, without doubt, show you some great, but for foreign eye, hidden coves, islets and places that you will most certainly enjoy as well as having relax and safe holidays on the water.

If it is not specified differently on our price list and in the contract, the skipper’s services are to be paid separately from the charter fee. The guests are obligated to pay skipper’s services as well as provide them with food. On gullets, the crew expenses (those of a captain, a sailor and other crew members) are already included in the charter fee. In case of crewed charter (for example on bigger yachts), the crew expenses are also included in the charter fee.

Usually the skipper sleeps in the salon area, but in case you are chartering a bigger boat, the skipper has his own cabin.